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XS Genius™ Tap-n-Hold - The Universal Ring Grip with 360 Degree Rotation

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The Cutest ring grips for your phone!  Accessorize your mobile device using The Universal Ring Grip with 360 Degree Rotation!

Super strong yet light weight, this Universal Ring Grip is easy to hold.  Can be used as a stand to enjoy hands-free movies, typing, reading, gaming, web browsing etc. The ring can be revolved in either horizontal direction 360 degree or vertical direction 180 degree.

How to use:
Ensure that you phone is the right way around and that you place the ring in a comfortable position before sticking to your phone case. Peel off the backing tape to stick to the back of your phone case. (Please ensure before buying a ring that your phone cover is smooth and flat.) Do not stick directly to your phone. Slip your finger through the ring to ease gripping your phone. The ring swivels and adjusts so that it can double as a phone stand, it is stiff to move so that it does not move or swivel while your are using your phone.